User rights for warehouse user

Hi experts,

My user is there in warehouse. He does transfer orders. We need to assign him roles and rights. Whenever the user ships the transfer order from warehouse, the user should be able only to ship the transfer order. The receive option can be hidden. He should not be able to receive the transfer order.

On the other hand if the user wants to receive the transfer order then the user should only be able to receive the transfer order. i.e. the ship option can be hidden.

But the role should be only applicable to warehouse user. If any other user logs in, then be able to ship and receive both.

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You need to modify the objects to achive above requirement.

Instead of that you can show the options but remove insert permissions of Transfer Receipt Header and Transfer Receipt Line for shipping user and vice versa…

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Which version of Navision is using ?

Is it Classic or RTC??

Hi Amol,

Thanks for reply I am using NAV 2013.

Hi Mohana,

Thanks for reply. But in my case warehouse user can be both shipping user if he is shipping and the receiving user if he is receiving. In this case the insert permission will depend on the From location and To Location.

Hi amol,

I am using NAV 2013.

You need to customize the user setup by adding one Boolean field for seperating Ship user and receipt user

After that you need to modify the code unit accordingly…

Thanks Amol