User Portal

Does anyone know how to implement filtered lookups in user portal. An example would be the ability to display all phases for a specific job. It would be useful if there was the ability to modify the job value in a table and then restict the phases displayed based on the job but it appears that user portal only has the ability of displaying all the values in the lookup table. Any help would be appreciated

Michael… if you’re needing to use filters check on the pages that are showing items by category and so… you’ll find some help there (probably if you check on the commerce portal ones that are working in a similar way it will help you A LOT). Regards,

Thanks I’ll take a look.

This is a tricky one and I had help with it. The developer who did the work added a new table called User Portal Filters. Each dataport to be used with the User Portal had that table as the first data item. In OnPreDataItem of subsequent dataitems any filters that were passed to the User Portal Filters dataitem were copied and everything worked. Your link might look like: TableID=167&Text1Filter=’ + Job_No_.value + '&Integer1Filter=1 Integer1Filter would be the name of a field in your User Portal Filters table. Django

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