User Portal Problems

Hello. I’m trying to develop some webparts for a user portal project, but I’m not being able to see any results. I install the standard user portal with the standard SALES web part, but I’m not being successfull in developing a web part on my own. I’ve followed each step of the exercise of chapter 9 of the developers manual and it doens’t work! It doens’t even appear in the page! I’m running Win 2000 Server and everything seems to be installed correctly. The UP version is 2.60D. I’m getting pretty desperate right now because we have a schedule to make. One other thing: Every client who uses IE 6 doens’t get “recognized” by the UP, only browsers with version 5.* of IE go to their personal area. Help!! Edited by - bfernandes on 2002 Apr 26 12:34:03

Hello, could you be more specific on your installation and on any error message you receive in IE, can you at least connect to “localhost” of the server. Besides there are some helpful advices in other post regarding the setting up of UP…case sensitivity might be an issue… e.g. WebParts in UserPortal Saludos Nils

Hello. Thanks for the reply. My installation is the one it’s in the installation guide. I’ve formated and installed a computer specifically for the use of UP. The User Portal works. I can create or modify Sales orders. The problem is that I can’t “see” anything I develop afterwards. I don’t get any kind of message or error. Neither in this case, nor when any IE 6 client enters UP. In this particular case, the IE goes to the standard web page, instead of the personalized page I define for each user in the User Portal configuration. I’ve read all the foruns here in concerning UP and the issue concerning case sensitivity was not ignored. Please help. I don’t know what can be wrong here.