User Portal Problems via socket connector

We are installing User Portal 3.60 (with Hot Fix 16) in our internal server. Problem User Portal doesn’t work and the cause seems to be socketconnector and its configuration. ** the question is at the end of the file ** Status of installation [PRODSERVER] NAM01 ( SO MS2000 AdvancedServer - SP4 Database Server 3.60 (ATT360[6789]) Application Server CLASSIC MS Message Queueing [WEBSERVER] WNAM01 ( SO MS 2000 ADVANCED SERVER - SP4 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 + Analysis Internet Information Server MS Message Queueing Commerce Server 2000 MS Attain Syncronization Service ATTAIN 3.60 STARTED WITH RUNASUPAS Digital Dashboard 2.01 Commerce Portal User Portal I-Explorer 5.5 SP2 For better understanding: remark that on prodserver the database server is running using ATT360 that is a c_name published via dns and that in the services file (c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc) ATT360 is assigned to port 6789/TCP Dashboard_Const.Inc <% Const stPortalServer = http://localhost Const stPortalVRoot = “DashBoards” Const stDashVRoot = “Dashboards/Forms/Welcome/” Const stPortalURL = “” Const stPortalLogoAlt = “User Portal” Const stPortalLogoURL = “” Const stPortalLogoSrc = “Cronus_Logo.gif” Const stSQLServer = 0 Const stDatabaseServerName = “NAM01” AS TOLD BY NTR INSTEAD OF ATT360 WE UNDERSTOOD THE MEANING OF SERVERNAME Const stNetType = “tcp” Const stDatabaseName = “” Const stUseDBAuthentication = 1 Const stDigitalDashboardRootDir = “C:\inetpub\wwwroot” Const stDebugDir = “C:\tmp” Const stMRUMaxSize = 5 Const stHandshakeTimeoutInSeconds = 10 Const stSessionCacheTimeoutInSeconds = 3600 Const stCacheFormDashboards = 1 Const stCacheUserDashboards = 0 Const stAdminCanRemoveWebParts = 0 Const stAutoValidateFields = 1 Const stSocketAddress = “//ATT360:6789” Const stSocketServers = 1 Const stPipeName = “//./Pipe/UserPortalPipe”%> UPAS Attain/Tools/Option User Portal Pipe Name <\.\Pipe\UserPortalPipe> User Portal Socket Port <0> = 6789 Questions are: 1) the user portal socket port <0> = 6789 should it be another free port number given without mentioning it in the service file but different from the port of servername. (for Example Port for NAM01 6789 and Port for User Portal 5555??? 2) Is it true the stsocketaddress = “//NAM01:6789”??? Thanks in advance

Hello Marco, We have the same problem. Did you solved it? How? Thanks Tasskaff