User Portal not showing Navision data

I have installed the User Portal 2.60 and it runs without errors and I can see the different webpart headlines I have setup for an activity Center. 1) When I try to click the Add this page to frequently tasks I am being transferred to the webpage showing the frequent tasks, but this page is blank. 2) For each webpart i can see the headline and i can move it around on the layout page. But there is no details for each webpart, i.e. links like create customer, search sales order or anything like that. In the journal on the message queue server, i can see that the Navision Application server handshakes with the dashboard and is instructed to run a dataport, from within NAS i can run the dataports and get XML data output. If i look in the form/nameofwebpart i can see an xml file, i.e. customer.xml, but the size is 0kb. Anyone with suggestions? - it would be greatly appriciated

had the same problem too , try reinstalling the whole thing starting from c front again untill you get it right there is a sequence to installing userportals. you need to install the up client then the server all in one directory. regards jeremy aka lanman life is better simplier