User Portal Licensing, named or concurrent users

Hi All, I am trying to understand Navision 3.70 User Portal licensing. As per the pricelist: 25 Web Users : $11,200 My customer has 14 Navision User License for the corporate office. We are proposing User Portal for their 40+ remote users. Is User Portal license concurrent or is it Named Users. If we sell them 25 web users, how many Navision User Licenses will it use up. Will any of the 25 out of 52 users defined in Navision be able to log on at the same time on user portal. All help is greatly appreciated. thanks Bikash

Hi Sharma, You should have access to a document explaining this which is called “Navision Application Server and Web User Licensing.doc”. In this document it says: Internal Users -------------- Internal Users may access the Program acquired by the Licensee. Electronic access to the Program may take place via the Client, Citrix/Windows Terminal Server or other Devices. Internal Users are: • Employees working for the Licensee • Contractual workers working for the Licensee, e.g. consultants. The Licensee must acquire the total number of Sessions required to run the Clients, Citrix/Windows Terminal Server and the C/ODBC and C/FRONT connections to the Program. The Licensee must also acquire the total number of Web Users for Internal Users that access the Program via Navision Application Server or any other third-party Application Server. For example, the Licensee must acquire Web Users for each Internal User that is accessing the Program via Commerce Portal and User Portal via the Navision Application Server. The Licensee must also acquire Web Users for each Internal User that is accessing the Program via any third-party Application Server… In your case you need 14 Session licenses and 40 Web User licenses. Regards, Bruno