User Portal Implementation.

Hello,I am involved in User Portal Implementation at a client end,for which we are making an attempt to install it locally at our end. I have done the following. 1.Completed User Setup,added a default user. 2.Created Activity Centers,web parts and web parts folders. 3.Added valid users,allocated them activity centers and frequent tasks. Every time a user is added to the User Portal, an distinct folder is created dynamically for the user with the username? Is this assumption right? In case it is then the problem I am facing is that this user folder is not getting created. Can anyone help me out solving this? Can anyone send across to me a list of instructions to install and deploy User Portal?

Hi Meenal, I was facing a similiar problem when i tried the User Portal, your assumption about folders being created with User Names is correct and the problem that you are facing is probably due to User Access to the website. User Portal requires NT Authentication if im not mistaken, and also a User Portal Application Server running when the users try to connect to the site. Hope this helps Vishal MCP/NCSD

Hi, UP implementation requires Active Directory to be installed and running on the Win2K server.Users of the ADS need to be added in Attain User Portal setup. But even afer doing all of above…My User Portal Implementation is still not completed. Any more inputs are welcome. Thanks, Meenal

Hi Meenal, Can you specify exactly what’s the problem/error you are facing? Did you create a shortcut and placed in Startup folder? It should be always running? Did u create users in w2k and included them in Windows Login of UPAS and then grant them the ActivityCenters. We had a lot of discussion earlier on these topics. Do make a search, you’ll find lot of suggestions there? Regards[:I]