User Portal data refresh

I’ve found that sometimes if I am processing transactions very quickly via the user portal that the dataport doesn’t read the last record version. I created a whole bunch of customer comments - nothing special about them. I used the standard customer web part so I could view the comments in IE. Then I clicked delete and pressed enter as soon as possible after the screen was redrawn. Most of the time the records deleted as advertised. Occasionally the screen would refresh really fast and no line was deleted. Clicking on the same record to delete it produced an error that the record doesn’t exist. I press F5 (refresh on the browser) and the record disappears with the next refresh. The UP debuging files show the table version for those records is, for example, 72 when the problem occurs, yet when I run the dataport manually right after the problem the version is listed as 73. Somehow the dataport didn’t export the latest version. [:(!] Any ideas[?] DjangMan