User Portal configuration parameters

Hi I’m playing a bit with the User Portal 2.60.E configuration parameters found in the <> file, in particular with the one called . As far as I can see, points to the pipe name created by the UPAS. It defaults to <\.\Pipe\UserPortalPipe>, so it looks for the pipe in the local computer where the IIS is installed —say, IISComputer— because the .asp pages, located in the IIS computer, use that constant. That said, I should be able to install de UPAS in a different computer (say, UPAScomputer), connect it to the database (wherever it is located) and modify the parameter from the <> file. at the IISComputer to point to the UPAS one with something like stPipeName = “\UPASComputer\Pipe\UserPortalPipe” in the <> file. (this syntaxis works with the PostXML.exe tool) The problem with the above setup is that when I try to connect to the User Portal with a client (browsing to IISComputer/Factory) I get the error ``The User Portal Application Server cannot be found’’. However, if I try to do that from the IISComputer, everything works. If I install everything in the same machine, everything works as well. How can I setup the UPAS in a different machine from the one where the IIS is installed? Edited by - Toni Lou on 2002 Jun 04 20:46:36

Hi Tony U can change the value of stPipeName in with the next value: stPipeName="//./Pipe/UserPortalPipe"

Hi, The problem is not that the UPAS is not found (as the message claims), problem is a security authentication. It is possible to get around this problem, but ain’t sure now. Try setting your IIS to Basic authentication (be aware that passwords will be sent in plain text). As far as I remember, this should solve your problem. Regards,