User Portal 3.60 and XP

Can User Portal be run on Windows XP, using IIS and dashboard, or does the UP have to be run on Win2K Server? Darrell

Yes it works on xp.

I get the following error when i try to view the factory Dashboard Error (404) Resource Not Found Source: store.vbs anyone seen this before, or have any install tips? i know it is communicating with UP ok, so I guess it is something else. permissions in xp? Darrell

I’m getting the same thing on XP - from my research, I think its having IE 6.0 installed on the “server” machine - but I haven’t figured out a way around that. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi have you got hotfix 8 for 3.60 installed? It should take care of some problems… other things to check is the scripting language of IIS. It’s standard JScript (on win2000) and should be VBScript. I’ve had this error before but I cannot remember what made it go away. Hope this helps…

hi all, for those of you who have UP up and running, please can you let me know … 1. the OS (plus SP level) 2. the IE version (plus SP level) can you also remember any specific problems with permissions on the OS. thanks in advance Darrell

got it running, at last :slight_smile: running on win 2k server sp3, all hotfixes as of today, EXCEPT i did NOT install IE 6 i cannot confirm the issue was IE 6, but it seems to work fine with IE 5. thanks to everyone for your help Darrell

The problem is 50% IE and 50% hotfix related. Hotfix 8 (I think) has an upgraded script somewhere in UP list of files that will run under IE6 SP1. Otherwise I’m using IE5 SP3 on my server. Django