User Personalisation User SID error

Dear All,

I do have a problem at client computer while using “copy document” in sales return order. it pops out the error message “the user personalisation user sid … … doesnot exist”. but suprisingly the SID shown in the error message is doesnt exist and it is not user SID of the user who created the sales return order. other users can create and use “copy document” functionality without any error

has anyone faced this problem ??


Did you try by compiling all objects?

Check User Personalization table whether you have any record with UserSID and Present UserID.

i have known the cause of the problem and temporarily solved the issue. there was two logins created for the same user from two different domains. but i am still confuse why the system is showing the error or SID problem of Domain A although the user is using the login of Domain B.