User Permissions - Restricting view of Financial Management - NAV 2013

Hi Everyone,

I have recently started at a new firm and was assigned to clean up the User Permissions we have for NAV 2013. Currently everyone is set up as a “SUPER” which is all access.

The largest concern was the access to “financial management” area of the system. I have been able to restrict viewing of the financials, but it still shows all of the options under role centre.

Therefore, my question is… How do I make it so that a particular user profile has literally zero access to Financial Management, so much so that it is not even an option in the Navigation Pane?

All help is greatly appreciated!



Hi Nardsman,

One thing is specifying which tables a user may be able to view, modify, delete etc. It’s something else to specify which functions they can actually see in the menus. The Navigation Pane consists of two parts.

The first part is the menus which has been developed as part of the users Role Center.

The second part is the access to the Department Menu. And now I bet that you most likely want to say that some users should not have access to the Departments menu and then I’m going to say “sorry that’s not possible”.

There’s no other way than the “hard way” to go through every users security, to assure that they do not have access to read any G/L Entries and whatever you don’t want them to see. And setting up permissions in NAV is not really an easy job. So I might just suggest that you eventually take a look at NAV Easy Security from (and yes, they are a sponsor of this website - but I’m otherwise not related to them - nor do I get any commission - it’s the second time today I’m mentioning this product in a post!). But it’s a great product if you want to have an easier way to setup security (incl. field level security).

Thank you for the quick response!

Yes, I can already see that this is not going to be a fun task.

So how about this… lets say I signed on to a user’s computer and customized their Navigation Pane so that “Departments” was not visable. Is there any way for me to lock their ability to change/customize their Navigation Pane after the fact? If so, of the top of your head would you know the “object name”?

Thanks again!

You have the ability to disable personalization completely. But that means that they cannot do any personalization. If you want to turn off this then it can be done by setting this in the Role Center profiles.

Hi all,

Appreciate the help! My only issue now is that my supervisor really wants me to figure out how to get rid of Departments (on the Navigation Pane) on our customer service user profiles. I have gotten mixed responses, some saying that it is not possible and some saying that there is a solution but it is a headache.

I went back to the warehouse and on their computers/profiles, Departments is not visible and when I enter the customization window it is not an option to put back into the Navigation Pane. At this point I opened the “warehouse” user profile to compare the difference between warehouse profile and customer service profiles…only to find that both profiles are set up the exact same (Super).

Am I looking in the wrong spot? I am just confused at how they can have the same permissions but at the same time have totally different set up within the system. Im sure it doesn’t help that I am not a computer wiz by nature!

Suggestions?! Thanks in advance!

Hi Nardsman,

I had hoped that Mohana would have stepped in here, as I know his an expert when it comes to this topic. But I guess that’s it’s too late in India.

But I’ve done a little studying of the subject. One of the things I love about answering questions here on the Dynamics User Group is that I’m also learning every time I’m answering a question. And this one here I really liked to know.

So let me start by saying that I was wrong. You can remove the departments menu.

What you have to do is first set you self up as the owner of the profiles (role centres) you want to remove the departments menu from. I’ll actually suggest that you first take a copy of the ones you want to remove it from. Because once you have removed the departments menu from a profile, then the only way to get it back is to reset the whole navigation pane, which will remove any new navigation pane items that have been inserted. Both any you might have inserted and any created by Microsoft in the default profile.

So now you have to start the client with the -config and -profile startup parameters, like:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\RoleTailored Client\Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe” -configure -profile:“SHIPPING AND RECEIVING”


Then once into the client you can select “Customize Navigation Pane”. And you you click Departments and Remove. That’s it!

Now you can start NAV again without the -config to test change you just did:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\RoleTailored Client\Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe” -profile:“SHIPPING AND RECEIVING”

After this then the user cannot reinsert the departments menu. He will only be able to see the items available in his navigation pane. He cannot use search to find anything else either.

You can remove the department menu using configuration mode. With this you can remove department menu for specific profile

Check the following link

Once RTC opened in configuration mode then you can remove the department menu

Hi thenardsman,

It’s possible to solve this problem. Go to Departments/Administration/IT Administration/General/ Permission Sets. Click New Icon and create New Permission set and select permission icon , and select how many objects you need and save the permission set. Apply the new permission set for that particular user.

Hi Karya,

Yes, this will limit only he actual permissions, but then you need new user roles instead of all the existing standard NAV roles, which surely is not something I would recommend anyone (unless you have a tool supporting you like NAV Easy Security or similar). And what the question poster really wants is to remove the departments menu from the users. But yes, they should also limit the permissions to actually see the financial entries, otherwise the users could go through the “back-door”, like go from Sales Lines to G/L Accounts and here see all the G/L Entries in the system (after removing the G/L Account No. filter).

Hi Everyone,

This was the best thing to walk into on a Monday morning after a rough weekend! I have officially removed Departments! Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Big thank you to Mr. Erik Ernst, I look forward to working and learning with you again!



Hi TheNardsman

Can I ask how you restricted viewing of the financials? I have pretty much the same problem, where everyone can see everything including the financial management area. In my case they however don’t want to hide the Department menue.



If anyone else knows you are welcome to share your knowledge about this with me. Looking forward to hearing from anyone that knows.