User/Permissions report

For SOX compliance I need to produce a report of what users have access to our GL/ acct (quarterly) , the below screenshot is an example of what i am looking for…

what tables can i find these roles/users in with the read,insert,modify, delete

1856.12-12-2012 1-10-14 PM.png

Hi Sean,

Now you didn’t mention which version or database you’re using!! I think everybody forget to mention that today! [;)]

But assuming you’re using SQL on NAV 2009 then it would table 2000000053 Windows Access Control. This tables holds the user-id’s and the permission roles they have. Then you must link this with table 2000000005 Permission and filter on table 15 - and table 17 G/L Entry which normally is the one that is real interesting in relationship with SOX - who can access and alter the entries.

Ahh yea it must be the December bug… Sorry been forgetting all month, NAV 2009 SP1. I have been reading up on SOX and ERP systems it is an intense process… Thanks for the info