User permissions in AX2009 to be able to send an e-mail

Hi Guys,

Could any one help me by suggesting to which forms& tables that we need to give the permissions to be able to send an e-mail. Let me elaborate.

we have designed a customization which uses “sysmailer” class - “quicksend” method to send e-mails. when a user with Admin rights uses the cusomization system succesfully sends the e-mails.

from a non-admin user’s machine the mails are not going out. we gave admin rights(to confirm permissions issue) to this user and the mails are going out.

So, does anyone know which tables and forms we need to give the permissions to.

Basically Current AOS Client Session and Current AOS server Session should be required, so you can give permission under: Administration > daily > 1.) online users 2.) users

Thats an awesome research…Very thankful for that.

So, guys remember when you are working out with e-mail sending from AX. Non-Admin users will need to be given the permissions to Admin>Daily. After giving it you can remove the access individually to the forms under “daily”.

It seems it gives the permissions to the needed tables which are hidden. May be this helps someone.