User Permission Problem


I have created new company in existing system. I want to set the access permission of user to the new company. I have done the following settings. I have created a new domain and attached the new company to the new domain. Then I created a new user group and set the permission for the new company. Finally I assign the new user group to the user. However, when I change the company to the new company after login in as a user. The Navigation Menu just flash up and disappeared. Supposely that company menu should be there. Why is this so? Did I miss something or make a mistakes in the settings? I am using Axapta 3.0.

Please help. Thank you.


Usually I have seen such error when the user does not have enough rights. Try the following -

  • Try to log in as ‘administrator’ directly to the new company. If you can view the menu, then the problem is with the rights of that user.

  • If the above works, try to login as the user that you created directly into the new company. If this doesn’t work, then check the rights.

Hopefully, the above should give you the clues in identifying the issue.