User permission for supplementary items

Hi all,

I created groups for supplementary item.everything is fine but when i want to mark the check box for free items it doesn’t allow me. Is there any permissions issue from user?


Hi Artata,

You said you have created all supplementary groups.fine.

Did you assigned these groups at Item (Price/Discount (Tab)), Vendor (PO (Tab)) & Customer (S/O(tab)) ?? Check these settings…

You can assign supplementary item to Individual item, or item group or all items. so, which option you selected (Table, group or all)?

Check these setups.


Dear Sarathy,

I have entered those group in item, customer and vendor under their details respectively.


Dear Sarathy,

I had follow these steps:

first create group in setup of inventory management, Acc rec and Acc payable.

than enter the group in item, customer and vendor details as i told u.

than created a po and so.

here enter the customer one included in group and item as well.

than click on calculation and supplementary items.

new window open which show correct detail about supplementary item as i selected.

but it doesn’t allow me to mark the option “free of cost”

that is the major issue i am facing



When you created the supplementary item, the free of charge option is available upder administration:2477.supplementary setup.jpg5355.supplementary on sales order.jpg1881.supplementary setup.jpg

When you select this supplementary item from the S/O, the item is ticked as free of charge:

5355.supplementary on sales order.jpg

Hope this helps

Thanks Handy

I think its 2012? i am using 2009


Yeah ,… I keep doing this …I am using 2012, I should ask next time [:)]

thanks handy

in 2009 the check box not allow me to mark it.


HI Artata,

Can you share screen shots of it.

After you created the Groups,

Example: Once you created Supplementary Item group, Click on Supplementary Item button > select Supplementary Purchase Item or Supplementary Sales Item…

It will open the new form Supplementary Item- vendor / customer … select A/C code (Table,Group or All) … specify rest all details & do same setup & mention supplementary & Multiple Quantities as 1 and select Check box “FREE of CHARGE”. setup the same setups for the Customer as well (If needed).

Check the same in Vendor supplementary group > click on Supplementary Item> Supplementary Purchase item and do same setups like u did in the above step.

If still your getting errors then plz share your screen shots… so that me or some one can help you.


Thanks Handy and Sarathy

I was missing the free of cost option during groups creation.



Hi Artata,

Is your issue got resolved ? where were your missing the step? Plz let others also know the solution of the issue…

if tomorrow someone else face the same problem… your solution might help for all.


Hi Sarathy,

As i told you I was missing the option “free of cost” during supplementary groups creation. That’s the reason I was facing problem.