User Permission and Profile ID Nav 2013 - Create new profile ID

Hi Everyone,

From one issue to the next… looking for help again! :slight_smile:

Part of setting up my firms permission sets caused me to have to create a new profile ID for the CS Manager. I should have known better, but it went over fairly well and was easy to set up! I then assigned the new profile to a user, but when I try to login under that user i get an error message saying “THE PAGE 0 IS NOT A ROLL CENTRE”.

My first reaction was to make sure my permission sets were set up properly… but it turns out that the user is still on SUPER (all-access) and the Page 0 has everything set to “YES”.

Anyone know what my issue is? :slight_smile:



May I know how did you assign new profile to user?

and How did you create profile?


Within the RoleTailored Client–>Profiles–> New… the only thing that doesn’t seem right is that it doesnt have a Role Centre ID #. Is that something I need to do behind the scenes?

Once I created the new profile ID, I assigned the ID to a user within ‘User Personalization’.

Side question

Now that I have figured out how to remove Departments… is there anyway to customize what people see within Departments if I choose to give them access to some but not all. I know that I can restrict the view of everything through permissions, but can I make it so that they see Sales and Marketing but do not see Warehouse?



Hi TheNardsman,

First I think there is something you misunderstand (like many others). There is no direct/technical connection between the permissions (permission set) assigned to a user and their role center/profile id. But of cause it will not make much sense if you don’t assign a user permissions to see/access the data presented in their role center. So this is something you have to check and verify.

The error you’re getting is because the Role Center Id in your Profile Card is wrong.

You need to specify the Page ID of the RoleCenter page to be used with your profile. And it has to be a page created specifically as a role center. Like in the above example Role Center ID 9005 has been specified.

There is only one Departments menu and you cannot customize what individual users can see.

The only alternative I know of, is really to put everything the users need into their specific profile’s navigation pane, and the remove the departments menu completely.


Thank you, I’m starting to get the hang of this.

Therefore, I must go into the environment and set up the Role Center ID? At this point anytime I try to assign an ID it says it doesn;t exist?



That’s most likely because the page id you’re specifying is not created as a role center page.

Use F4 to select the role center, and if the page id is not here, then it’s because it’s PageType is not set to “RoleCenter”.