User Navision Logon

Have a strange situation whereby one user cant logon to navision unless everyone comes out of nav. Once he is logged on other users can then go in as before with no problems.

This happens even if he tries to logon using another PC.

Deleted user and recreated which did not resolve.

Setup Windows authentication logon as well as database and still get same problem. user has same permissions as everyone else. Any ideas ?.


What is the exact error they get when they are unable to login?

Sounds like you have reached the concurrent user limit for your system. Depending on the number of licenses purchased, you can only have that amount of concurrent users.

it seems to be wat rkamm said.


can u screen shot the error … so that u can get the soln easiy.

From our experience, another thing to keep in mind is how are the users login off. We had a lot of users just "X"ing out thus thery were not actually logging off. We had to emphasize to them they must use the File - Exit to log off. Perhaps your situation is similar.

It was the usual license message you get when there are no free sessions. Managed to resolve by do a complete resync on security.

Thanks Anyway