User licenses

Hello! How many licenses are used, if I login into Axapta with the same username from two different machines? Are there consumed 1 or 2 licenses? Is there a difference if i login on the same machine? Thanks Georg

Hi Georg, If you log in to Axapta (client) twice with the same username it will count as two concurrent users - it makes no difference whether it is from the same machine or from different machines. When it comes to Axapta’s COM users it is slightly different. If you log in to Axapta through the COM interface you will take up 1 COM User per unique security setting! An example is the Enterprise Portal: You can log in with 2 different web user accounts, but Axapta/EP will only use 1 COM user if the 2 web users have the same access rights (member of the same user groups) - if the 2 web users have individual access rights Axapta will use 2 COM users. Be aware that Record Level Security is part of the access rights - so 2 users who have the same user group setup but with different right in RLS will also require 2 COM users. I hope this helps :o) Regards, H. Jaeger Aston Business Solutions - a TECTURA company