User License_Price_nav 2013

hi all,

Can anyone please tell me what is the market

price of new license per user in nav 2013???

In Dynamics NAV 2013 you get 3 users when you buy a “Starter Pack”. After that the price is the same for all following users. And this price is different from country to country. A full user costs 94,500 INR and a limited user 18,900 INR in India.

Dear Erik,

Thanks for your reply,

But my company has navision 2009 R2 with 20 webuser and

we want to upgrade into nav 2013 with full access regular user,

So can u tell me, In that case, what will be the price per user???

20 web users are not really worth anything in NAV 2013, as external users don’t need a license. If you have no reguluar users (or only the one that is always included) then you will automatic get 3 users when you “upgrade” the license to NAV 2013. After that the price per user is the same.

But for specific prices then you should really contact your partner for the answer to this one, as there might be many different things in your license. Don’t take my answer here for good as licensing pricing is very complex, especially when taking about license transformations (from one license model to another).

thanks Erik