user level security

i have ax9.i create the user groups and give the access rights.So my question is …is it possible to give user level access ? please help me.

It is not possible to give permissions to individual users. You can only give permission to a group of users.

If you have such requirement create a user group for each user.

I think we can give permission to user level. Simply select one user form and provide required permission to user particular user (No need to include in any user group). it will work. But it is not preferable way to providing permissions to single user. It is always better use user group then it is easy when you want to give same permission to multiple people. But in AX 6.0 everything is role based in this case I am not sure whether we can give permissions at user level. I hope this helps you to resolve your issue.



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Krishna, just briefly tell me how & from where we can do this user level access. what about the ax6 ? is it ax 2009 0r something else ?.me i am working in ax2009.

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The problem at the user level is that you can only view the permission and you cannot edit them…

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Please first correct me if I am thinking wrong. You would like to provide permission to single user, means he is not a member of any user group. Is this your questions?

If yes:

Crate one user in userform (Go Admin Module >> select users) and don’t include the user in to any user group.

Click on Permission button (on left hand side of the user from) and user permission form will open in the user permissions form select permission tab and provide required rights.

In this way you can give permission to user level.

Come to AX 6.0

As I know, In AX6.0 the security is role based. Means we will get the application with pre-defined roles (core roles which was developed by MS) Example : Sales persions,CEO,Director,Manager, supervison, Marketing persons etc….

we can create our own roles with specific access permission also

Please let me know if the provided information is sufficient for you.



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I have checked and Its not possible to give permissions at userlevel. But I will check is there any way to approach this. while testing I have gone in wrong way…

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Thank you for u r valuable times to spare with my doubt,anyway once again thanks for the conversation.see u later bye bye