User ID and Password is Invalid


We are running 3.7 on SQL with Windows Login. A user was accidentally deleted from Active Directory, but when the account was recreated the following error message appeared when trying to access Navision:

The combination of user ID and password is invalid. Try Again.

We have tried the Synchonisation in Navision, and also changing the password, both to no avail. Note we also get this if we re-name a user (i.e. if they get married), and have to set-up a new user.

If anyone can help we would be grateful.



Hi Richard,

when recreating the account in Active Directory, the user gets a different SID (Windows Security Identifier - a unique alphanumeric character string that identifies each user) than before (in Navision, you see this field in the “Windows Login”, when you Zoom). The user looks the same to you (Name), but not to the system (SID). So you will have to recreate that user in Navision as well.

Thanks Daniel, but we did re-enter the user id in Windows Login (should have mentioned that earlier, the ID had turned to the SID when the AD was deleted). We have re-created a new user name to get around the problem in the meantime.