User ID and password invalid


I did a backup from our live database. I restore it on one of my test .fdb database. The restoration was successful. But I can’t log on my user ID and password that I usually use on our live database.

Is there a way I can log on on my test .fdb database? I need to do some testing on that test database.

Thanks in advance,

Lee :slight_smile:

you need to repeat the task, but first (before restoring) you need to create an empty database, and create userID as SUPER. then, you restore the backup.

Thanks… I did what you say. And now I can log-oin on my fdb.

But my problem now is that when I restore the back-up the application objects is now unchecked. It might not restore all the objects from that back-up leaving my test database with no objects.

Is there a way that I can restore all the data and the objects on my test .fdb database?

Thanks for your reply.


I feel you are trying to login with windows authetication and database is restored with database login

which is not added to your newly restored db

Try to login with database authetication i.e.With sql user id

once db is open then add windows userid and try


now, open object designer. file - import. and select your fbk file. you will be able to import all application objects.