User having BC access issues

The user said the system was shutting down when she tried to use BC.
Since her description was confusing about what was happening I went
onsite since the staff cannot access BC unless within store network.

Using a store workstation, I was able to log into using her BC credentials
and create/modify customers/items/sales orders/etc successfully. As she
observed me, the user said her screen did not look like the on on the

I logged out and had her log in using her laptop (store is BYOD) so I could
see/understand what was happening. She logged in successfully, opened a
sales order, went to lines to add new item and the BC application shut down.
This happened using both Edge/Chrome web browsers.

She repeated this a second time so I could take time to closely observe what
was happening. She is using the downloaded BC app to access the system
on her laptop. However, in the upper right, I noticed that the blue icon on her laptop (read M for her initial) was different from the one on the workstation (read MH for her initials).

I am very puzzled by this. Anyone have any ideas?

And if you remove the BC app and login from the browser?

I had the user use Incognito browser setting to do the login.
After 2 days, it seems to be working. Will keep an eye on
situation and do check-in to see how things are going.