User groups

Good afternoon

In Dynamics AX 2012 user groups are not commonly used and MS has removed the page where in older version you could view all the user groups that a user belongs to.

Is there any way which I’m not aware of that does that?


Do you mean security groups? They’ve been replaced with the new role-based security.

You can still see the User groups.

They are still used for a couple things:

  • General ledger journals can use user groups as a simple approval step.

  • Workflows can still see the user groups when selecting the workflow step assignment.

The User groups can be access in System administration->Common->Users:

Thanks for the replies.

In general yes, the new role-based security should be used.

However, the old user groups are still there and are used for a few things.

We also used them in our solution.

And yes one can see the groups by under System administration > Common > User groups.

My question, was how to easily get the list of user groups that a specific user belongs to.

And obviously not by clicking on every single group and checking the users assigned to it!


Ah, got it. You are correct that there is no longer a way to see what group is user is in.

The data is there, so it could likely be retrieved by a developer or by looking at the table.

The UserGroupList table is what has the listing of groups & users.

Open user groups, press Ctrl+F3, add User group list data source and add a range for User group list table and User ID field.