User Group / Domain Permissions - Security Keys

Hello All,

I’m fairly new to Dynamics AX but I’m responsible for setting up users for my organisation. I’m more than happy with the concept of importing AD users and assigning them to User Groups; similarly, I’m happy with Domains and the idea that security is set against the Domain / User Group Profile.

My issue is with assigning security keys. If I set up a user and don’t assign any security keys at all (i.e everything is set to No Access), then log in as that particular user, I get to see what appears to be default modules i.e. Purchase Ledger etc. I can’t access anything on those menus because I don’t have access. OK so far.

When I edit that security profile, and assign Full Access to, say CRM, and cascade the permissions, when I login again, I see the same default modules - no CRM.

I’ve gone through the literature backwards and tried restarting the server once I’ve changed the Security Profile, but nothing seems to have any effect.

Can anyone suggest something I may have missed?


In Ax permissions to security keys are managed at user group level. In other words, you cannot define security key at an user level.

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Hi Harish,

Thanks for the response. I’m understand that security keys can only be set at User Group / Domain level, but my problem is that - even if I only have one user in this group / domain profile, it doesn’t apply the security key settings.

The method I used was as follows:

  1. Create new User Group (AX TEST)

  2. Create new Domain (AX TEST)

  3. Import user from Active Directory (TEST USER)

  4. Associate user to AX TEST Group / AX TEST Domain profile

  5. Set Security Keys against AX TEST Group / AX TEST Domain profile

  6. Reboot Server

Unfortunately, the user in this User Group / Domain profile does not pick up the security key settings I would like. Am I missing something?


Probably an obvious question, but have you associated the relevant company with the domain?

I would also check if the security set up by printing one of the security reports off - The User Group Permissions report, may give a you clue as to what is wrong


Please check with domain. Domain should have to map with the company. Other companies that is not included in tha domain will not get the rights.



I have faced this problem, Please go to ‘Security’ instead of Main Menu and check the appropriate module access5100.access.jpg

I hope this will help.