User Defined CodeUnit and Page objects don't show up on lookup in Web Services Page in RTC…/dd338962(v=nav.70).aspx

I am doing this example above. I have created the CodeUnit and compiled it in classic. When I go to Web Services and try to add the CodeUnit, I cannot find it in the list, and I get a Validation error saying that the ID of the object is not found in the table. Am I missing something? One would think this simple example in the link from Microsoft would work right out of the box. How do you create a codeunit and publish it as a web service if it never shows up on the list to add?

thank you

As you refer to the NAV.70 topic I presume you are doing this in NAV 2013, so you are using the Web Services page. Then my basic question is: are you sure your WIndows Client (RTC) is looking at the same database (through the Service Tier) as you are developing on?

[And when you use the dropdown list I presume you are not seeing any of your “own” codeunits.]

Yes, I am doing this in NAV 2013. That is what I thought as well. How can you check to see that both are pointing at the right location? I’m sorry, I am not an expert yet, but I’ve developed Microsoft GP, AX, NAV and many other ERP systems. This is my first web services project. Yes, when I pull the drop down, I only see the baseline objects (Pages and Codeunits). That’s why I had an assumption, the classic client wasn’t in sync with the RTC. Thank you very much.

I also notice when I open up the Object Designer and try to Run a Page from the classic client (usually it would launch RTC this way and the Page that was highlighted.) I get a message that reads: There are no NAV Server instances available for this database. You must ensure that a NAV Server instance is running and is configured to use the database before you perform this activity.

But I can open up RTC by executing the .exe in my Program Files just fine.


Ok, I checked the CustomSettings.config file and notice a line:

I have a database on my server and I guess during this install, NAV decided to put two db’s, one on my server instance level and one for a named instance. Whoops. That indeed was my problem. Thank you for your help sir.

Your welcome.