User and permission set for Limited License in NAV 2018

Hi Team,

I watched a YouTube video: Creating Users and Permissions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 on full license

I have three keys tables;
Imprest header : while three fields are on table relation,
Imprest Lines: with one field on table relation.
Attach document: Its fields are document no and files.

The user license is Limited, when I run the page, while the Lines is not editable and attach document which is on page action displayed error message. “you do not have the following permissions on TableData Attach Document Insert”.

I created the following permission set and added its to user card, user permission set line after SUPER but still not working.

I need your assistance, thanks


A limited user license has only access to modify three tables (+ a set of standard tables, and you have added 4 tables. Perhaps that could be it?

Secondly the user cannot have the role SUPER.

You are right about the user cannot have the role SUPER but when I use BASIC and I added the customize permission set, its working fine.

Role center of BASIC and added customize permission set

But I’m not seeing the information and customization on my role center, what can I do?

Role center with SUPER

I want to achieve this role center and likewise the imprest and attach document is working, what can I do?

Solved, I changed the field with table relation in Imprest Details to CAL code lookup and I make the company name to be blank with permission set to SUPER.

Expense Code - OnLookup()
IF PAGE.RUNMODAL(52121501,ExpenseCodes) = ACTION::LookupOK THEN BEGIN
"Expense Code" := ExpenseCodes.Code;
  Expense := ExpenseCodes.Description;
  Type := ExpenseCodes."Account Type";