User access and permissions across companies


I have a setup situation as follows: We have 9 separate companies, all set up in one domain. I need to grant only some users from Company A access to Company B and C as well. How do I go about doing this?

Please help, I’m all out of ideas and this has to be done urgently!

try to use security key …

  1. Setup a Domain Per Company (ie. Associate a Domain for a Company).

  2. Create a New User Group for a specific Domain combination.

  3. Assign Users to this new User Group

Note, this is what we’ve done in DAX 2009 (not sure your current version) - but seems like the only valid solution. Thus, you’ll have “duplicate” User Groups per company, and I generally just export the “security file” (.asg) to a folder, to be manually imported to the other User Groups to keep them consistent.

For example,

AP300CPY1 - access to company 1 (PO Management)
AP300CPY2 - access to company 2 (PO Management)
AP300CPY3 - access to company 3 (PO Management)