Use the first production order's best before date when repackaging products


I have a question about setting up BOM’s for semi-finished products. I want to know if it is possible to use the semi-finished product’s best before date when repackaging the products.

For example:
If I produce a pack of 100 on Monday, and on Friday I want to cleave the 100-pack and make them 50-pack of a new production order. Best before date on the 50-pack is now using the start date of the new production order. Instead, I want the expiration date on the components to be based on the first production order (the 100-pack produced on Monday) and simply let it become a best before date of the newly 50-pack. Is this possible to set up in AX standard?

Emelie Öjersson

Hi Emelie, and welcome to forum!

As newcomer, you have accidentally posted AX question in NAV forum - I will move it where it belongs, but further on be careful to choose the right forum [;)]