Use “quantity category” to represents manufacturing overheads

Dear all:
Is it true to use the “Quantity category” to represents the manufacturing overheads?
I have the following case:
I have production line with 20 overhead cost, so:

1- I defined 20 cost category.

2- I defined 20 operations.

3- I linked the operations to Route.

The produced item cost represented correctly and as required, but is this a true way to represent the manufacturing overhead costs??
Please advice

It is an option and was used prior to AX2009 as it was the only real option. However you now have the ability ot the costing sheet and to define surcharge and rate overheads by costing groups which gives you great flexibility and not the requirement to set everything up. However it depends upon teh information and the customer calculation of overhead and I have certainly used it in AX2009 to represent overhead.

Thanks for your valuable information[:)]