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We currently have Nav 4.0 up and running with 3 locations distributing a range of own produced items and foreign(supplier) items. We are looking at the possibilities of outsourcing some of our customer deliveries to a third party supplier. This means that we would still take orders from a customer for products A,B,C,D,E,F,G we would only hold stock of ABCD and pick from our site but products EFG would be picked at a suppliers site and delivered to our depot on a just in time basis i.e lorry to lorry. We are looking to send electronically order details to the supplier and receive some confirmation back - however i am unsure what to do with the stock. I considered using ZONES to act as a virtual zone in a warehouse. We would still need to produce full del notes our end and so we would need stock to pick. I am assuming that some modifications would be needed to the warehousing module to restrict checking stock for certain items within a virtual Zone.

Do you think Zones would be an option of dealing with this?

i will be amazed if i get any replies to this question but it is worth a go.[W]

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Why not set the suppliers up as different locations, then you can eliminate them from the stock valuation as well. You never hold stock of the items in your own location, so when a need arises you transfer the stock from the location. If you use SKU’s hte planning worksheet will do this for you. Where this falls over is on the supplier transactions as you will need to raise a PO, but if you kept the supplier location free of stock, you could load it on the supplier location and then transfer the stock, and again the requisition worksheet will pull through this movement. The electronic order details are just the PO then. In this way you separate the stock and need no modifications to the warehousing, even if you dont have SKU’s you can control this through the requisition worksheet and manual transfers. There are a lot of ifs and buts here so not sure if this idea is valid or not from the information given. I assume from your post you are already using the full warehouse funcitonality?