Use of the field Assigned User ID

Hi to all,

I am working on NAV 2009.

In Purchase order , sales order , transfer order i have field called Assigned User ID.

What is the use of the field ( even i press F 1 I could not get any information about the field)

How can i use this field …

Is it automatica or do i need to select manually.

Throw some useful information on this.

with this field, you assign the orders to concern employee… this is helpful when you have multiple guys in purchase / sales / operation dept and you want to assign the orders to one of them …later on you can restrict each of them to play with their assigned orders only…you need to select the employee manually …

Thanks Amer,

I need to understand onething .

what is the meaning Assign the orders to one of them , how can restrict each of them.

for example in my company one person will create the Purchase order for 3 locations .that means 3 ware house people will receive the material.

then how can i use this field.

it could be better if you explain with a good example.

could u explain in detail.

during order creation you can assign the user responsible for that PO… or in your case you can do little bit of customization to auto update this field based on the (location code) values

then you can put a security filter on the role of warehouse guys to show only their assigned PO.