Use of RunBaseBatch framework


I am implementing my customizations on InventTable form.

I wanted to select multiple item records in the InventTable form’s grid, then perform the same operation (to recalculate the item) on each selected item record one by one.

So, my questions are,

  1. Do i required to implement RunBaseBatch framework? (to perform the same operation on the selected bunch of item records [batch wise])

  2. If yes, do i required to setup batch server for the same? OR what are the basic requirements to implemente RunBaseBatch framework.

Any help will greatly appreiciated.

this mite help,

Hi Nnnnn,

Your link is really a helpful one to me. Thanks for the reply.

But your reply was not clearing the answer of my question #1 in my original post.

Can you please advice me and elaborate your reply?

Again thanks for your information.


If the operation has to be performed regularly for a selected bunch of items - then yes, a class could be written for this purpose extending runbase batch framework.

It depends on various factors such as the hardware resources required by this operation, time required to complete the operation, etc

The bottom line is if there is no performance degradation, then this class can be run on the AOS server itself. Otherwise you would have to setup and configure a separate batch server.

Lastly, I would suggest you to read up on runbase batch framework in developers guide and also study tutorial runbasebatch class.

Hi Harish,

Thanks for your neat and clear information.

I will look into the dev. guide doc.

Thanks agian.