Use of Order Address in Vendor card

On the vendor card you can enter an Order Address. Once this is filled, it does appear on the Purchase Order screen.

However, where else is this field used? What if my order addresses have different prices and lead times? Normally you would maintain leadtimes on VendorItem (99) table and price on Purchase Price (7012) table.

You can have a PAY -TO vendor with multiple BUY FROM vendors. Each BUY-FROM can have its own pricing, lead times, etc. On the INVOICE tab for the BUY-FROM vendor, enter vendor code of the PAY-TO Vendor.

The Order Address field on the vendor card is primarily used to default the vendor’s address information onto the Purchase Order screen. It is not typically used for maintaining lead times or prices for different order addresses.

To handle multiple prices and lead times for a vendor, you could create separate vendor cards for each address, or create a custom table to store the additional information and link it to the vendor card. This would require customization in NAV and may not be supported by all add-ons or third-party products.