Use of OnValidate Trigger

I have code in the OnValidate and OnLookUp triggers of the table field. I also have some code in the OnValidate and OnAfterValidate triggers of the text box (whose source Expresion is the table field)of the form. I find that the code in the form triggers do not execute if user does a lookUp from the text box of the form. If user types in the field value and hits enter, the code in the form triggers execute. Is there a way to make the form trigger code execute both when user looksup a value from table and types in the value? Thanks. Pari Somasundaram

Call Validate(Field) on OnLookup trigger? But beware if there are errors while executing the validate code because I think it does not reverse changes made before the call. Regards, Cristi Nicola

hi in the ‘onlookup’ trigger u assign the lookedup value to the ‘text’ local variable present in the ‘onlookup’ trigger ans then use the ‘EXIT(true)’ statement . in this way u can execute both ‘onlookup’ and ‘onvalidate’ triggers. cheers MK