Use of Marked only

Navision Attain-310 Use of MARKEDONLY in Sales Batch Posting (id-296); I am confused about the use of marked only in the sales Order Batch Posting report. I will also like to know why the system does not throw error if there is error in some ofthe sales order. with WR Sam

Hi Sam, I have not noticed the MarkedOnly part so far. But I am guessing that you can also run the report from code somewhere and set the view to a Sales Header only Marked records. So with that code it basically ensures that if that is how you ran it it clears the mark for the ones that it posted. The in your code you will have to only run through the ones that are still marked to see why they didn’t. Just a theory [:)] As for not stopping on first SO that errored: as you know codeunit 80 has a bunch of commits in it. So even if it errored on the first wrong one the ones that were posted before it will remain posted. So then why not just go ahead and try to post as many as possible anyway? Just another theory [:D] Also from a user perspective I think it would be annoying to have the post bath routine error out evey time there is a problem with a Sales Order. It makes more sense to just go through each of them afterwards and try to post them individually. Hope this helps. Cristi Nicola

Well… the markedOnly thing was supposed to be when you filter on marked record when calling the batch posting. Usually on the sales orders list there was also the option of posting, where you can select the different records and then post (the currform.SETSELECTIONFILTER was used). The SETSELECTIONFILTER was marking the records selected, so the ones processed where marked. when an order was posted, the mark was removed, but was still on the record if not posted (if during post there was an error). That way the customer was able of posting a batch and then navigating through the records where he was having errors on posting (remember that when posting the sales headers are only removed if the order is totally invoiced…). Regards,