Use of Location on BOM (Bill Of Material) (early response highly appreciated)

Hello Everybody,

Would like to know the usage/functionality of “Location” menu item on Prod BOM button on BOM master.

AN early response is highly appreciated

I don’t have location Production BOM. That isn’t a custom field ?


If you have a “location” field in the production BOM then this is a modified field. I would guess its purpose it to auto-populate teh location on manufacturing orders to consume components, because as standard the components are consumed at the location where the order is being made. If you look at the field number for “Location” in object designer for the Production BOM table what number is it?

Thanx Steven for the immediate response.

I suppose it is a customized field for India specific .version. 4.0 sp2 Hotfix 05

When i tried to generate a production order for an item after assigning the location to it’s BOM, it allowed me to generate the order on other locations as well.

I suppose i need to use the developer tool kit to understand its functionality.



Hi Nuno,

Thanx to ur input.

I suppose it is a customized field specific to India version 4.0 sp2 Hotfix5.

I thought it to be a std functionality released world wise.