use of field Order Multiple


What is the use of field Order Multiple. When we use this field ?

It is very very helpful if u throw one example to gain knowledge on this field.

Just put one practical example.

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You stock 25kg bags of Sugar.

You have 0 in stock and a sales order is loaded for 1 bag.

If you have planning set and run it will tell you to buy 1 bag.

Your supplier provides these in pallets of 100 bags and will not sell you 1, so set your order multiple to 100.

Now before you ask yes this would be your reorder quantity as well.

But suppose the order was for 101, the reorder quantity would be 100 plus the 1 you need, but if the order multiple was also 100 it would tell you to order 200.

Put some examples in the field and run planning and have some fun seeing the results.