Use of customer templates in business central does not work?


I’m trying to set up customer templates in Business Central, however I don’t get there…

I add a new customer and then I save it as a template : from the customer card >actions >functions >save as template : fill in the necessary things and click OK.

I add a second new customer and then I save it as a template : from the customer card >actions >functions >save as template : fill in the necessary things and click OK.

When I add now a new customer, then I don’t get the list of templates to choose from.

The strange thing is that there seems to be different lists of customer templates:

  • From role center : I go to (alt+q) Customer templates, then I don’t see the just added templates.

  • From the customer card : (alt+q) Customer templates : I see a different page with the two (active) added templates.


When I choose >on current page >customer templates, then I’m getting the list of the templates that I have added:

When I choose the second option ‘customer templates’ then I see nothing…

Can anyone explain me how to set correctly customer templates so that I can use them when creating new customers please ?



You are doing it right - this is the correct way to create a customer template, and it should be shown in the list. Unless there is some extension that is bloking creation from templates. Page 21 publishes an integration event OnBeforeCreateCustomerFromTemplate, and a subscriber of this event is able to bypass the template selection. This is the first thing I would check - if there are any subscribers hooked to this pulisher, since everything else looks good.

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t think that there is an extension active. This is a fresh new tenant that we activated yesterday. What do you mean exactly with “page 21 …”

thank you


Hi Franky,

What I mean is that the page “Customer Card” provides a method for extensions to intercept the new customer creation process and replace standard code with a custom procedure. It can be done via the event OnBeforeCreateCustomerFromTemplate. You can check is there are active event subscriptions, as described in ther Microsoft Docs here:–view-the-event-subscriptions

Just check is there is a record in the “Event Subscriptions” view with “Publisher Object Type” = Page, “Publisher Object ID” = 21, and “Published Function” = OnBeforeCreateCustomerFromTemplate.

Actually, there is another possibility which I missed in my first response. Template selection dialog will not be shown if there is no default number series for customers. Check if the umber series is set in the Sales & Receivables Setup for “Customer Nos.”, and this series is marked as Defaut.

Hi Alexander,

You hit the nail :slight_smile:

The default flag in the customer numbering was not checked, i have changed this and now it works fine !

A warm thank you :slight_smile: