Use of Alternative Item number feature in AX


What is the use of Alternative item number (Navigation Path ------) Inventory Management —> Item details —> Other tab) in AX 2009, After updating Alternative Item number into the system for a particular item, in which transactions and all it will reflect.

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D. Praveen Kumar.

it depends on the “Use” setting, if when there is no stock on a sales order it alters the item number to the alternative when there is no stock, if you set always it would always use the alternative, not the original.

Is this happening as well when running Master planning? I don’t think so but just to make sure.

If the Use - Always → then there may be a chance of effect in the master planning - planned orders may be created for alternative item.(Never tested it).

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Is there anyone who has tested this issue? I am using AX2009 and I have the same problem. I need to define an alternative item. And the original item is a purchased one however, alternative is manufactured. What should be my settings so that the system can create production orders for the manufactured alternative item.

As per the above discussion that is not how the alternative item functionality works.

If you use Always - the system always prompt you to take the Alternative Item for any transaction when you select the Original Item.

Suppose you take create a sales order with original item the system will prompt you take the Alternative item and the sales item will changed to Alternative item.

So when you create production order based on the sales order - obviously it will create the production order for the Alternative Item.

That means the original item is totally get replaced with the alternative Item…

Still does not work for them, the OP wants it to be one item number when purchased but if they decide to manufacture then use the alternate. So aonly alternate if make not buy!

I was actually answering myself - the function of “Always” and its effect in terms of production and planning…[:)]

pl tell me more about this option. thanks!

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I have tested the alternative item functionality.It is applicable for only sales.Suppose I have one original item(X) and alternative item (Y) as finished good.But i want to use (Y) item instead of (X).

So in original item(X) we need to attach alternative item(Y)

Inventory management–>Common forms–.Item details–>Other tab.There we need to select “use=Always” and select alternative item in alternative field.

Then create a sales order for original item(X) and try to save the record.While saving the record system will prompt a message that Item will be replaced by alternative item,if pressed ok the X(Original) item will be replaced by Y(Alternative item).If pressed cancel original item will remain as it is.



as with a lot of ‘features’, not usefull if using item dimensions. Really, item dimensions are like devils in heaven or angels in hell.

Can you elaborate?


Is there any way to have an ‘Alternative Item’ option when creating a Pruchase Order.

This option is missing in Purchase Order, any suggestions please ?


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After a long period from when this discussion started, does anybody here comes finally with a clear results for the alternative items functionality, can it be taken into Master Planning account!!!

No not master planning, because it is on the sales order only and it replaces the selected. Not alternative in purchase, not alternative in transfer, not alternative in production/BOM. Very basic functionality.