Dear Experts Can anone explain me the use of a BLANKET ORDER??? How do we make use of this feature??? Also is there a feature that supports EOQ (Economic Order Quantity)???This is mainly to have a check on the inventory for the items & raise an automated PO for the non avail items… Shilpa

Blanket orders are agreeements you have with your suppliers or which your customers have with you to receive a certain number of certain items within a certain time. Example: You agree with your vendor that you buy 5000 Sideboards (Item No. 70000) - I still love that one - over a period of a year and therefore get a special price. Now you generate a Blanket order with exactly the values of your agreement. Whenever you really need to order some sideboards you derive the PO from the blanket order. In this case you will get the price from the blanket order instead of the price from the purchase prices. The blanket order will be updated with the quantities received and quantities invoiced of the PO once posted. The “economic order quantity” as you call it is just for automatically generated orders from the Requisition worksheet and have something to do with the order quantities of the production orders.

Thank You Mr.Thomas!!!

No problem at all.