Use new report in NAV 2013


sorry for asking…

I have made a new Report (50010) in the Development Environment area of NAV 2013. The Report works perfectly when I run it from there.

But how to use it in the Rolebased Client?? How do I find the Report and add it to a list of Reports or for example to the Ribbon or Navigation Pane.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Kartsen,

There are many examples in the application. You can add it as an action to a page (like for example the Customer Detailed Aging report on the Customer Card - Page 21), you can add it to a role center (like for example the Customer - Order Summary report on the Order Processor Role Center - Page 9006) or to the departments (i.e. one of the MenuSuites you have rights to change).

Thanks for your help

Now it is, as I wanted to - easy when you know… Allthough it was much easier before the RT client :slight_smile: