Use Dll In Dynamics Ax

hi all

i have A dll File That Writing by C#.Net and Now I Want To Use This Dll File In Dynamics Ax

in Dynamics Ax >>References , I Add References and Add My Dll in Dynamics, but How can I use it ???


thanks All

Now you can use public types defined in your assembly directly in X++ via .NET Interop from X++. Don’t forget to use fully-qualified names, i.e. including namespace.

thanks martin for help

Can you give an example to explain more clearly ?

Exactly where and How Can i call my Dll in Dynamics ax?

Sorry, I can’t tell you how to use your code - because I have no idea what code is in your DLL!

Can you show us the code, or how would you use it from another language?

thnaks martin

i add my dll in add refrences and then use it in my form:

void clicked()

My_Dll my_Dll;






and solve my problem [:)]

thanks for help