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Hi, I have tried posting this question at Mibuso as well but so far without much success. What I would like to know is: Does Attain have a function like the “GetCurrentRec” from the old DOS 3.56 version? I want to call a report from a form picking up the current record on the form. I am aware of using the OnPush trigger but unfortunately my company doesn’t own a Developers License - any work-arounds know??? All help is highly appreciated [:)] Ole

I looked through a couple of properties on these menuitems and command buttons but I don’t see any other option than coding a couple of lines to achieve this. I guess, you’ll need to ask your NSC to include this report in that specific form. Saludos Nils

Hola Nils y gracias por tu respuesta :slight_smile: Que tal en Colombia? Yes, I figured something like that. I have been looking around on both properties and C/SIDE symbols menu but so far no luck. Saludos, Ole

you can find some ideas:

Ole - there is no property or function like dbSET- and dbGETCURREC in Attain. The only way is the one described - and it demands a developers license.

OK - thanks very much to you all :slight_smile: En varm hilsen til Anfinnur paa Faeroerne :wink:

You can do it without dev-license, but you will use up one form. Check previous link at mibuso.

Ole, do you know all the languages or you just have a good translator… Can you say anything in Slovene ?

Well there are many who are multi-lingual, obi… Whenever the Navision compiler does not understand my coding, I try in different languages… :slight_smile: Ogsaa en varm hilsen til Faroerne :slight_smile: Y tambien saludos para Colombia! Lembrancas a Brasil e Portugal… Well… good night.

Thanx to ®obi & beaver for the advice :slight_smile: To ®obi, I’m sorry bou I don’t speak Slovene. However, I do speak Danish, English, Spanish, German and some French. :slight_smile:

When Navision developed the MultiLanguage capabilities, they must have been thinking about developers like you! [:D] Olá, Beaver! [;)]

Torej fantje gremo na pivo ali dva. Pa na zdravje.

Hey, Robi, are you talking about beer or “pivo” has a different meaning than in Czech?

You got it ! [:p] In ENU it would read like: So guys let’s go for a beer or two. And cheers!

Allright, pivo is a great word! It was the only word I understood in Robi’s sentence :slight_smile: So where do we meet? :wink:

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