Use Count in Inventory management module

Dear all, I have a problem with my company.

When I check all of item in my warehouse at the end of month. I found out the quantity of material is greater than the quantity that I have to write for each production order in this month. So, I don’t know how to solve this problem, I can’t reset status all of production order and write in each again, because I want to make the total of material in all of production order is equal the total material that I receive in this month. I think I can use Counting in AX 4.0 but I don’t know the meaning of this and how to use it.

And another question for all, if the quantity of material at this month is less than the total of material that I write in all of production order.

I wish I have the answer as soon as possible

Thanks for all

Sorry but your problem is not clear

Are you saying you produce 100 in production and have 110 in stock?

You can adjust the stock to 100 from 110 assumnign the count is 100. You can indeed use the counting journal. I presume you are an AX user, how come you do not know how to use this? Is it really nothing? Have you a manual? Have you read the help? It is very simple,

  1. Create a Journal

  2. Create Lines (automatically or manually)

  3. Enter the count

  4. Post the Journal.

Same is true of the reverse.

Obviously though you can make 100 and have 80 in stock because you sell 20, the amount you make is not solely related to the amount you have in stock.

I think you don’t understand what I say, sorry because I’m from Vietnam, so my English skill is not good so much.

I mean I want to know the meaning of Count in Inventory management and what is different between Cost price and Price unit. I can’t enter cost price when quantity is minus value, I think that if I know the meaning of cost price and price unit, I can answer all of question by myself. I hope you can answer this question for me

Thanks, regard

Yep that is why I said I could not understand your problem! [:D]

The cost price is how much it cost, so if you purchase 1 for 100 the cost is 100. This depends of course on the stock model group costing setup as well. You cannot change the cost here because it is a quantity change at the known cost, any cost changes need to be processed correctly through the inventory close procedure.

The price unit relates to the cost. So earlier I said I bought 1 for 100 so the cost is 100. If the cost was defined as 100 with a price unit of 10 this means that when I buy 10 it costs 100, therefore my 1 costs me 10.

Thanks, now I know the different between cost price and price unit.

But, I have a problem with inventory in my company and I don’t know how to solve these.

For example, I have 3 production order in one month. I have to start and end some production order each day during one month.

Initial amount of the material TOW in my store is 100

Production Order 1: consumption of TOW is 20

Production Order 2: consumption of TOW is 10

Production Order 3: consumption of TOW is 30

Total consumption of TOW in this month is 60

So, when I check my store, material TOW number of 10 remaining in stock. Oh men, the number of actual consumption is 90 TOW. I think I just maybe use Counting in AX to solve this problem. I don’t know this way is wrong or right? I think you can guide me to sole this problem.

Which way to solve if the number of actual consumption is 50.

By another way, I will reset status all of production and I will allocate proportional number of TOW left for all production orders in a month. But I can not use this way if I have about 200 production order in one month.

This is the big problem in my company, I hope you can answer this question for me.

Thanks, Regards

It is the process that is wrong, not the system.

The first thing you need to know is why the 40 have been used. The second is what the business should do with the 40. If you write them off or count them off then the cost is expensed separately to the production orders, if however the component costs must make up the cost of the finished items then you need to report them against production, which can be done prior to ended, you do not need to reset the order status, just create a new picking list journal.

But how to know which items go to which order - this is a process issue. Why is the additional 40 not reported? Are you auto-consuming? Do finance care about the finished goods cost? What costing method are you? Are you dealing with variance, additional consumption, incorrect data or simply poor practice. In the end the system is not really relevant here, what is is how you control the processing, record stock and adjust costs. Depending upon the importance of each of these to the business will define what you need to do in the process, and ultimately the system, to capture the requirements.

Thanks a lot for this answer,

Maybe I will create picking list journal. I will allocate by hand for each production order base on finished good of each Pr Order.

My company don’t use auto-consuming, so the consumption just be estimate on the machine and enter in the Pr Order.

Do you know create picking list journal at the end of this month is better for my company?

Well you know the answer to this, well your company does anyway! Without knowing your company or asking questions I cannot really say, it is however better than just writing it off. I would do it as you go along, much easier.

You will also have to create a picking list journal for every production order, you cannot do it on one.

Ok, thanks.

Maybe I will have to create a picking list journal for every PrO to solve this problem

Thanks a lot