Use Australian Nav Dynamics 2009 for Thailand company


I have used NAV Dynamics 2009 since Feb 2011 for our Australian company but a forum newbie.

We have recently set up a seperate company in Thailand. I hope to be able to just set up the new Thai company in our existing database with our exisitng license. I assume I would need to buy a Thai language pack but I also wanted to know if my Australian license would suffice to cover all the legal requirements for Thailand. Or would I need to purchase a Thailand localization pack also?

I would be greatful to hear any other tips on using NAV in Thailand.



It’s a few years since I have done any implementations in Thailand. But then the Thai version wss build on the same platform as the Australian (the APAC version) - which included functionality such as Withholding Tax. WHT is common in most Asian countries. Besides that there where not many special issues regarding local legal requirements. So if WHT is still in the Australian version then you should be good to go.