Usage of Formref,Listpageref,Reportref and Previewpartref properties

What is the use of Formref,Listpageref,Reportref and Previewpartref properties in table level in ax 2012

Please get used to consulting the product documentation. In this case, look at Table Properties [AX 2012].

Hi martin,

Thanks for your reply but iam not able to undersatand that in MSDN,can u please give some examples ,so that i can understand clearly.

You have the whole AX full of examples.

I do not see the point in repeating the whole documentation. Maybe you’re so confused because you’re trying to deal with too many things at once. Focus on a single thing at time, such FormRef for now. It defines which form should be used when you want to open the form for the table referenced in another form or a report.

Here is the documentation:

Specifies the display menu item that is activated when a table is referenced. A display menu item is associated with a form.

When you use a primary index field on a report, this form is available as a link in the report. A primary index is specified by using the PrimaryIndex property.

If you leave this field blank, the system attempts to display a form that has the same name as the table.

Which part, exactly, don’t you understand?