Usage Based Procurement - Who can tell me??

Hello We are looking at the UBP granule but can’t get a definitive answer over what is often called ‘staged orders’. Here the lead time is longer than the delivery time - in other words a number of undelivered orders are always in the pipeline. UBP focuses on Vendor imposed value and quantity constriants which we don’t have. Is it useful in forecasting demand and suggesting orders based on either order cut-off dates, shipping dates or expected receipt dates to meet freight/manufacturing constraints? Will it also look at coverage for each expected delivery date in the chain and warn if current demand will likely oustrip available inventory? As its not available immediately is UBP being revised for V3 - if so does anyone have any insight?

Hi Garth, The UBP is complex model, and it is not integrated with the rest of the package (manufacturing and Costing). It is purely based on the warehouse usage and adjustment made on the availability screen. The UBP is not a standard in the 3.0. There are a lot of changes to the advanced distribution module in V3. Actually you could say that there is no more advanced distribution in 3.0. But Navision has announced a special additional granule for the UBP which can be added into the V3. But it is not part of the package at all. The supply planning (planning before) has been extended to address the needs. I am sorry I am not able to understand your question. Order staging conceptually is accepting the stock but not into the ledger. It is staged for later picking. So it is not normal to define a lead time or time for this process. Thanks, Best regards, Prashanth