US Version Forms using German Language

Hello All, When accessing the credit management module and Order Status via GERMAN Language setting, I’m getting the following error, but I’m not getting the said error when using the ENGLISH Language setting. Die Datumsformel ‘30D’ sollte eine Zeiteinheit enthalten. Zeiteinheiten sind: T,TW,W,M,Q oder J Die Beduetung von ‘L’ ist ‘Laufende(Zeiteinheit)’ und kann jeder Zeiteinheit vorangestellt werden The problem only exist when you try to open the form using German Language setting, but when you open the form using the English Language its OK , then after opening the application you can change the language setting to German and there’s no problem. The issue only applies to US Version object. We are using Navision 3.70 (US Version). Please advise how to fix the problem. See attachment for reference Thanks Joel

Joel, the credit management module in the US version uses a fixed date formule which raises a conflict with the german language version as “30D” means 30 days in english, but has no signification in German. Open F10.007, and replace the ‘30D’ of the OnInit trigger with ‘<30D>’, which will make this statemente independent from the language of the client used (at least this is one place where I found that piece of code). Saludos Nils